Get an ISBN

International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) for publications published at Memorial University of Newfoundland are available through the Information Services office, Queen Elizabeth II Library.

What publications are eligible?

Publications released through a Memorial University department or institute are eligible for a MUN ISBN. Items published outside of Memorial University are not eligible. For these, the ISBN will be provided by that publisher.

To obtain an ISBN for your publication you may:

  • come in person to Room L-2027, Queen Elizabeth II Library
  • call 864-7422
  • email via

What you need to know about the publication in order to assign an ISBN

  • title
  • author(s)
  • projected date of publication
  • publisher

ISBNs should appear:

  • on the verso of the title page
  • on the bottom of the outside back cover
  • on the bottom of the back of the dust jacket
  • in all advertising before and after publication
  • with the letters ISBN preceding the number (e.g. ISBN 978-0-88901-383-4)

For more information on the ISBN Program consult Library and Archives Canada.

Legal Deposit

Obtaining an ISBN from the Library does not mean that copies of your book are automatically deposited with Library and Archives Canada. You are legally required to send two copies of your book, pamphlet, etc. to Library and Archives Canada. For more information on legal deposit, consult Library and Archives Canada.

Cataloguing in Publication (CIP)

For information on having your book catalogued before publication, consult the CIP site at Library and Archives Canada